amigurumi jellyfish
    amigurumi jellyfish

    So I have a new hobby, I’ve been making little amigurumi critters. I got inspired by a friend who was making these mini crocheted stuffed toys and thought ‘well, that is the cutest thing I have ever seen’ and decided that the introductory cost to starting a crochet project is pretty minimal so why not give it a try!

    It’s been like less than a month since I started and I have finished 6 little projects!!

    I got a couple skeins of cheap yarn in bright colours and bought a little starter kit with yarn needles and crochet hooks and stitch counter/spacer things. It was like, 10 bucks for the kit and 10 bucks for yarn. I definitely feel like I got my 20 bucks worth out of the things I’ve made, and I am going to invest in some fancier yarn for future projects. I’ve made some as gifts and the rest for my kids to play with. They are not perfect, I am learning a lot as I go but it is very forgiving for beginners as far as a hobby goes. If you make a mistake you can just pull the yarn to unravel it back to where it was before your mistake and then continue from there. There’s also tons of tutorial videos showing how to do everything online.

    I know I always say “I’ll post more often” but I’m trying not to bite off more than I can chew – I have no idea when I will update next but I want to try to have some sort of update at least once a month going forward. Even if its just a “hey I have been playing a certain game to death *cough BG3 cough*” because I need to hold myself accountable for this website and if I don’t at least post once thing a month then why am I even paying to have a website???

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