Another critter crocheted

    sleepy amigurumi kitty with grey tummy

    I did another Amigurumi pattern today : A little kitty pattern I found on Tiny Curl that I think I did an okay job on. It included a whole new stitch that took my brain a little effort to figure out how the heck to do and I think might work better on maybe uhhh a more springy material than the yarn I am using lol. Trying to get 5-in-1 stiches to make a little bump out foot type thing and do it 4 times to make little footies for this kitty was tricky and I probably bungled it but since they are at the bottom of the critter I think its okay. It’s okay enough for a beginner and I think it still turned out super cute.

    sleepy amigurumi kitty with grey tummy

    I am pretty solid on making a magic circle and doing rows and increased and invisible decreases and double stiches and a few other things, I am also pretty happy with my general embroidery abilities though it is tricky working on the amigurumi compared to actual cloth or something with a more forgiving grid? I can’t think of how else to describe it at this time lol. Anyway, those one was neat cuz you make one ear then make the other ear and do a chain stich and tie back into the first ear and go from there which was neat as most of the patterns I’ve done have had round heads and you maybe make ears or other features to add on top. Another thing was the little tail – I haven’t made just a little tube like that before though I have seen some patterns call for it to make like legs and tails and a lot of those also recommend a little bit of pipe cleaner inside to make it bendy and hold shape – so now I have confidence i can make those (though honestly hurt my thumb a bit to hold onto the tiny tube while trying to crochet it – not a lot to hold onto and my hand got really tired.

    Anyway – I think I managed to do an update in not a terrible time frame. This blogging thing has never been easy for me as I just don’t imagine an audience (I blame autism – it’s hard for me to imagine something that is basically just an idea, I think I would do better if I was writing to someone directly in an epistolary fashion but then I would have to have someone specific in mind to write to – however this gives me some ideas I could work with…)

    Regardless, yay for learning new skills! The crocheting is helping me with exercising my hands because I have been extra slacking on drawing or writing my calligraphy practice so my hands get super tired when I do pick up a pen or pencil to work on a project. I was working on a new Querkle and my hand get so dang tired filling in those little circles that I had to put it away when it was only half done and I haven’t picked it up to finish yet. If I finish it tonight I can say I did two art things this month lol

    Anyway – here’s a little half way done pictures from the above cat amigurumi as a closer for this post. Bye!

    when I was 1/3rd done the little cat head looked almost like a cute little hat, I have ideas now for making my kids stuffed animals little hats…

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