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    amigurumi froggo
    amigurumi froggo

    Whipped up this little guy for a birthday present for one of my aunties, we are going to visit her tomorrow and have a belated Easter visit with her and another auntie as well as celebrate her birthday. The kids are gonna have fun having even more Easter goodies but Aunty’s house has lots of room to run around so they should burn off most of the sugar rush before we have to spend 2.5 hours in a car driving home at the end of the day lol

    I am going to have to make a couple more of these guys from the pattern I found cuz this one turned out pretty well for a one day project (First time I started and finished a mini amigurumi in the same day *self high five*)

    I also have a doodle half done so I might try to finish that up on the drive to the aunties and make another post later this week with that and another artsy thing I finished.

    Finally, before I go, I cannot stop listening to TALK’s album The Lord of the Flies & Birds & Bees. It’s so good. I went out and bought the actual CD cuz I like to support Canadian music stores and Canadian musicians. <3

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