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    Just a little vent : we recently ordered a sofa. Our old sofa was falling apart so when we moved last we just got rid of it vs have it take up space in the moving truck. So we have been sans sofa since January. Just a recliner and two basic amazon floor chairs. We saved up and watched for sales and finally found an ideal sofa for a good price from the same store we got our recliner. They didn’t have any in stock and had to bring it in from their warehouse across the country but that was fine – we didn’t mind waiting a couple weeks to get our sofa (we’ve waited this long after all). So it’s been two weeks, not a long time to wait – we get the call on Thursday that the sofa arrived at their store and they scheduled delivery for Saturday (today, this afternoon even). I get very stoked – do some extra cleaning and reorganizing to make room – put away the amazon chairs up in the kids room – move the kitchen table around – reorgnaize some shelves etc. Make it nice for the sofa.

    My husband gets a call ‘we can’t find y our sofa’. They will check again but if they still cannot find it then they will have to order a new one and it will take another two weeks for it to arrive.

    I’m so sad.

    I was looking forward to watching a movie with my husband tonight on the sofa and really just enjoying a new piece of furniture and having a living room that feels like a living room again. Now we might have to wait another couple weeks (they have not called back a second time to say they definitely can’t find the sofa so fingers crossed)…

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