Just a little art update

    Testing out some stuff after updating the site: I finally figured out how to add my own image for the default post and the header but I still am not sure how to make a post feature an image from the post itself. There’s a lot of learning to do on WordPress and I am not spending enough time reading tutorial as I should be!

    My next move might be to import my tumblr content – alternately if i can figure out a way to publish a post here and to my tumblr at the same time… that could also work for updating my blogging in two locations. Especially as I don’t use any other socials because there’s currently too many options now that the site formerly known as twitter is basically defunct and a new short form post aggregate has not yet come out as favoured by the masses. Everyone has different stuff so I am just sticking to what I know – tumblr, twitch, and personal websites.

    Anyway, regarding the picture above – just a doodle I did on clip studio with my tablet – a little cloudy night as its a gloomy one this evening. The real test is going to be if I can figure out how to make that image be featured on the post preview! *fingers crossed*

    **edit update – I figured it out after I posted the blog post – I have to select the block ‘featured image’ then put the image in that block and then it does its magic! Yay! I went back and made my other image related posts shiny too…

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