It’s been a busy summer so far.

    Nocturnal Art

    I keep telling myself I will make more regular updates but then I sit here and think ‘I don’t have any idea what to talk about/there are too many things how do I write about one’. For example I read a few novels since my last post, I did some art projects, I did a lot of going out and about wiht my kids, I agonized over whether they should go to kindergarten early in September or just do a regular pre-school this coming school year then go into kindergarten the following year (my kids will be 4 going on 5 if I pout them into school this fall but 5 going on 6 if I put them in the year after…). I am still not 100% on what to do – pre-school is not free but its also not crazy expensive and largely depends on the facility and how many days a week they will go and if they do half days or full days etc… Figuring out things for kids takes up like 80% of my brain power on a daily basis and doesn’t leave much extra for blogging on the things I want to blog about. Things like my reflections on the graphic novel “Ducks: Two years in the oil sands” by Kate Beaton, or “Sufferance” by Thomas King (or the New Dreadful Water mystery “Deep House” also by Thomas King), or the plentiful number of comic books and Manhwa I have been into recently (I’ve got the urge to just talk about the reoccurring tropes for a few different genres and why they are so appealing across pretty much any industrialized nation ie. why they translate well into English and are appreciated by a pretty wide audience overseas from the country of origin). I’d also like to talk about efforts on art projects or gardening projects or DIY projects, or video games I’ve actually completed or continue to play. I even started doing some writing practice with my fountain pen in my new journal (that I got 6 months ago and used 2 times because I wasn’t sure what to put in there either !). I decided I need to do more actualy handwriting as my hand gets tired when colouring with my kids and I want to make sure that as I get older I don’t lose my manual dexterity and handwriting is really great for working a lot of muscles and building fine motor skills even as an adult.

    Clearly I need practice, I got myself a calligraphy/hand writing work book to practice with as well. I need to make a better ‘daily/weekly’ practice chart and figure out a rewards system for myself. I want to practice my hand writing, do some drawing, practice my ukulele, practice my violin, go for more bike rides, read more books, play more video games, stream more drawing/gameplay, and all around being a very busy full time mom: Kids are a lot of work to start with and twins are double the effort (but also IMO double the reward – they are the coolest little humans and I can’t believe I made them lol).

    And then I also want to update the assets on this site as well : stuff like the site banner and the post header art stuff so that I can have things be more personalized vs using the default template stuff. All of which I have the tools and ability to do but keep thinking ‘oh it’s already midnight and if I start changing assets around now I will not get enough sleep before my kids wake me up in the morning’ and so I stop and close the tabs and take off lol.

    Anyway, Maybe I will narrow down some subject matter in the future but it will more likely be ages before I build up the confidence to try making another random post to my personal blog to which I expect no one but bots is reading anyway =D

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