I do not have a lot of time to do art and decided instead of trying to be inspired making an original piece I’d treat myself to a colouring book (I get my kids colouring books all the time, so why not me!). I got myself a grown-ups colouring book from The Book Outlet (my favourite online book store). I picked up “Querkles Cats” by Thomas Pavitte (he makes a bunch of amazing and challenging colouring and connect the dot books).

    I like that this colour by numbers style book is made to be very easy to make your own: you choose your own colours and go from there, and there’s only 5 colours needed. The end result was quite impactful and I liked it so much I hung it on my wall.

    This took me about a week colouring for about an hour every evening. There are so many little circles…

    And there it is. I think it looks great on display and it was real work to finish colouring. I believe it turned out awesome and I need to figure out what cat and what colours to do next 🙂

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